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In this section you’ll find our list of popular poker games including all of the pages we’ve published that will teach you how to play each variation.

When it comes to learning how to play poker lots of new players make the mistake of not learning the games thoroughly enough and this mistake can come back to bite you really hard when you hit the tables.  Because of this, we’ve written comprehensive guides to each game that teach you the rules and some basic strategy for winning each variant.  Below you’ll find all of the current rules for games like Texas Holdem, Stud Poker, Omaha Poker and Draw Poker.  Each page contains an overview of the game, some history, the rules for playing along with some tips and strategies for improving your game to become a winner.

Hold’em Related Games

Hold’em games (particularly Texas Hold’em) are the most popular poker games in the world and account for most of the action at the tables both in live casinos and online.  In Hold’em related games there are two major components that define this class of game which are hole cards that are used in conjunction with community cards.  This is a fundamental element of Holdem games and is one of the reason they are so popular since there is a lot of guesswork involved in figuring out your opponents hands when you play poker online.  Below we’ve listed some of the most popular Holdem related games which information on each games rules available in various guides we’ve written.

Learn how to play Texas Holdem, the most popular poker game in the world with our full guide.

Omaha Poker is a fast action variant of Holdem games. Learn the rules and strategy here.

Pineapple is similar to Holdem and offers some cool rule twists that add more betting to the game.

Manila is a popular game in Australia where players remove some cards from the deck.

Super Eight is a holdem variant where players are dealt three hole cards instead of two.

Bermuda is a dealers choice game where players receive four hole cards throughout the game.

Criss Cross is a cool holdem variant where players are dealt 5 hole cards and cross them.

Oklahoma is a holdem and stud game where lots of cards are exposed to players in the game.

Draw Related Games

Another major variation of poker you’ll find in online poker rooms is Draw Poker which is also card 5 Card Draw.  Draw is essentially the most basic form of poker and is the easiest way to learn the game and get an understanding for hand rankings, betting and strategy.  With 5 Card Draw, players are dealt 5 cards face down and get one re-draw where they can exchange up to 3 of their cards for new ones in the hopes of improving their hand.  Draw involves lots of guesswork on the part of the player and strategic betting to win pots.

5 Card Draw is the oldest and most widely known poker game, learn how to play here.

Heinz 57 is a 5 card draw variant that includes wild cards and uses various high cards during play.

Jacks and Back is a game with no blinds but instead uses antes only plus betting rounds during play.

Spit in the Ocean is a rare game that’s played with a community wild card plus pregame antes.

Trees Poker is a blind based game where players trade cards instead of drawing them.

Lowball Poker is a variant where the player tries to make the lowest hand possible to win.

Triple Draw is also a low hand wins game where you don’t want flushes, pairs or straights.

Dog Leg is a mix between draw and stud with antes that incorporates lots of bluffing.

Stud Related Games

Stud Poker (also called 7 card stud) is one of the oldest poker variations around and at some point most poker players get involved with this style of play.  With 7 Card Stud, players are dealt a total of 7 cards with 4 face up and 3 face down and like Holdem and Omaha must make the best 5 card poker hand that they can with the cards they’ve been dealt.  The difference in Stud Poker is that the betting rounds are a combination of forced bets (antes and the bring in) as well as betting rounds with fixed amounts based on the limits in the game.

7 Card Stud is a very popular poker game that involves 7 hole cards and fixed betting limits.

Razz Poker follows the same rules as 7 Stud except you are trying to make the lowest hand.

Follow The Queen is a 7 Card Stud variant that includes wild cards during the game.

Black Mariah is a pretty rare game that’s like Stud but is loved for huge amounts of action.

Bid’em Poker is a stud variant that allows players to bid on getting certain cards in the deck.

Chicago is the same as Stud except the player with the highest spade wins 1/2 the pot.

Outhouse Poker is an ante based games with lots of specific rule variations regarding hands.

Baseball Poker incorporates a ton of wild cards and is more of a luck based poker game for players.

Guts Related Games

The last major type of poker card games are what’s known as GUTS games which combine elements from all the other popular variants.  Below we’ve listed some of the more popular GUTS related games with full rules and strategy.

GUTS Poker is a cool poker game where players must decide whether they are in or out.

Monte Carlo also called 3 card GUTS lets players use flushes and straights to make up their hand.

In Jacks and Piss players a dealt four cards with a fifth communal card to be used by players.

Indian Poker is a simple game where players bet on their own high cards to win the round.

In Thirty Eight 3s and 8s are wild and players get to determine the betting stakes while playing.

In Wolfie’s Lou players are dealt 5 cards and may draw up to 2 more cards before betting.

357 Poker is a GUTS variant where players must win 5 games in order to win the overall game.

In Three to Five players are dealt 3 cards and the 4th and 5th only if they stay in the hand to play.

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