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Baseball Poker

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Baseball poker is modelled after seven card stud rules except there are a few changes to the rules that make this poker game a lot more exciting and fun to play. I’ve never seen this game played in any casinos and it’s definitely not a poker game that you’ll be able to play online, but there’s nothing stopping you from trying out Baseball poker with your friends next time you guys have a poker night. Baseball poker involves some strategy, but there is a lot more emphasis on the luck of the deal due to the many wild cards in the game.

In Baseball poker everyone that wants to play the hand needs to post an ante. The dealer needs to deal out 3 cards to each player with the first two cards being dealt face down and the third card being dealt face up. The player with the biggest face up card needs to make the come-in bet, which is a forced bet. Everyone else at the table can then call the come-in bet, raise the come-in bet or fold their hand.

When this betting round is complete players are dealt a face up card again and then complete another betting session. If you’re still in the hand at this point you’ll receive another face up card and will need to bet again. Players then receive another face up card and then start another betting round although this betting round is slightly different. Instead of using the small bet you need to use the big bet for the final two rounds of betting. If you’re playing a $10/$20 game of Baseball poker then the minimum bet during the final two betting rounds is $20.

After the round of betting is over players are dealt one last card face down and then everyone bets again. If two people are still in the hand at this stage the hand will go to the showdown where everyone flips over their hand. The highest hand wins in Baseball poker, but keep in mind you can only use 5 of your cards to make the best poker hand you can. These are the basic rules of Baseball poker, but there are a few important rules that we’re going to take a look at below and they’re extremely important to understand.

Baseball poker uses two wild cards, which are the 3’s and 9’s. In case you’re wondering why these cards are wild, it’s because in baseball there are 3 strikes and 9 innings. Apart from the wild cards there is also one other unique rule change, which makes the game a lot more fun. If a player is dealt a 4 as one of their face up cards they have the option of buying another card for their hand. This means you’d have an extra card compared to everyone else, which will definitely give you an advantage at showdown when you’re trying to make the best 5 card hand possible.

You also need to purchase wild cards in Baseball poker if you want to keep them. In a $1/$2 game it might cost you $.25/$.50 to purchase the wild card and maybe a $1 to purchase an extra card. This helps build the pot up a bit and it’s actually a great rule. Since a lot of the cards in Baseball are exposed during the hand it isn’t that difficult to find out how you stack up against everyone else in the hand. If you have a couple wilds showing and your opponents don’t have any then it’s probably a good time to bet, as you’ll probably take the pot down regardless of whether or not you have the best hand.

I love playing poker games with wild cards and Baseball poker has 8 of them every hand along with 4 cards that’ll give you the chance to purchase an extra card for your hand. All of the new rule changes may seem a little overwhelming initially, but it doesn’t take long before you feel like you’ve been playing Baseball poker for years. There are a few other variants of Baseball poker with small little rule changes, but the rules above are the most commonly used.

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