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PlayPokerOnline.com Editorial Team

Play Poker ยป Editorial Team

PlayPokerOnline.com is frequently updated with the up to date poker room reviews, latest poker bonuses as well as online poker strategy articles. Meet our editorial team that brings you the latest information related to online poker:

John Miller – John is the chief editor at Playpokeronline.com. He manages the quality assurance process of online poker room reviews and also oversees the online poker strategy articles. John has been working in the online poker industry since 2002. He is also a poker player and he has played at several live poker events like WSOP, WPT etc.

Mark Adams – Mark is responsible for the latest online poker room reviews at the Playpokeronline.com website. Mark is also an avid poker player and he plays at Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars. Mark puts forth his experience as a poker player in writing the in-depth reviews of various online poker rooms.

Julia Morgan – Julia writes the online poker strategy articles. She has been playing online poker since 2006 and you can read the articles written by her in our poker strategy section.

Jim Coleman – Jim mainly writes about the online poker deposit options. Online poker rooms constantly add new deposit options to let the players deposit funds in an easy manner. Jim keeps Playpokeronline.com updated with the latest developments related to the poker deposit options at the online poker sites.

Paul Robertson – Paul manages the information about the latest online poker bonuses. Paul has written most of the content in our bonus codes section and he constantly updates Playpokeronline.com with the latest poker bonus codes and promotions.

Chris Osborne – Chris is the webmaster of Playpokeronline.com. He manages the Playpokeronline.com website design and database. Chris has worked for some of the top website design and development companies in the USA.


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