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PokerStars Marketing Code

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When you sign up at PokerStars you will be asked to enter a PokerStars Marketing Code which is part of the process for receiving the free 100% up to $600 deposit bonus.  After you have downloaded the software and started the install, you will be asked for this code during the player profile creation process.  To receive the maximum bonus, enter the PokerStars Marketing Code “PSA8960” in the box as shown and you will instantly qualify to receive the bonus when you make your first eligible real money deposit through the PokerStars cashier.  This code is valid throughout 2010 and guarantees the 100% up to $600 free bonus from the site.

Use PokerStars Marketing Code “PSA8960” For Your $600 Sign Up Bonus

PokerStars Marketing Code

PokerStars Bonus Code

In addition to the marketing code you will also see a box asking for a bonus code when you enter the cashier section and are ready to make your deposit.  Here you need to enter the PokerStars Bonus Code “STARS600” as this is the final step in the process of collecting your initial deposit bonus.  Using this code in conjunction with the marketing code are the only two steps that need to be taken to receive the bonus offer on your first deposit.

PokerStars Bonus Requirements

As we’ve outlined you will receive a deposit bonus of 100% up to a maximum of $600 free on your first real money deposit at PokerStars.com.  Although the bonus itself is free during signup, you will need to meet certain requirements in order to release the bonus into your real money account.  Below we’ve provided an outline of what exactly is required in order to clear the bonus requirements and cash out the bonus funds from an account.

Bonus Requirements

The above table illustrates exactly what the $600 bonus is in the currencies offered at PokerStars as well as how many VIP player points (VPP’s) are required to earn each bonus.  Although you do not need to claim the maximum amount of the bonus (min. deposit is as low as $10) the requirements remain the same regardless of the bonus amount and are based on a per dollar rate in each currency.  Below we’ve provided more information on exactly how to earn VPP and FPP points when playing real money cash games and tournaments at PokerStars.

Earning VPP and FPP Points: In order to clear your bonus you will need to earn VPP’s by playing in real money poker games at the site.  Currently the rates of earning are 5.5 VPP’s for each $1 paid in fees and 8.5 VPP’s for each €1 paid in fees.  For example, in a 10+1 tournament you would earn either 5.5 or 8.5 VPP’s depending on the currency you are playing with; for cash games, the calculation is based on the rake paid per hand and is divided by the amount of players involved in the game at any given time.  In order to clear the full $600 bonus you would need to earn a total of 10,200 VPP’s by playing in real money games and tournaments on the site.

VIP Program: In addition to the 100% up to $600 bonus you’ll receive using the PokerStars Marketing Code, the site also offers a comprehensive VIP program which includes prizes, cash bonuses, increased points earning, tournament entries and much more.  Below we’ve included a graphic that outlines exactly how many points you’ll need to reach to get to each level of the VIP program at PokerStars.  Note that these levels are separate from the bonus offer and are an added benefit of playing at the site in real money games and real tournaments.

VIP Levels

International Marketing Code Pages

In addition to our English marketing code page we also offer a number of translated versions for our foreign visitors looking to claim the bonus at PokerStars.  Below you will find all of the current translations that we offer:

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