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In this day and age one of the most confusing things for players of certain countries if finding legal poker sites to sign up with.  Because of tons of different legislation and laws in a number of countries it can be somewhat confusing for players to know which sites are ok to play at and which ones are not allowed. On this page we’ve provided a brief overview by country that explains a bit about the laws surrounding poker. We’ve also included more information on each specific country in our guides that you can read by click the guide links below.

United States Legal Stance

UB Poker is one of the best US sites that accepts all Credit Card deposits from American players.

PokerStars is the biggest site online and offers echeck deposits for US players plus $600 free.

Carbon Poker is a solid choice on the Merge Network with soft games and weak competition.

Full Tilt is home to the pros with high stakes cash games and good deposit options for US players.

Online poker in the United States is perhaps the most confusing of all laws and since 2006 many people believe that online poker is illegal in the US.  The fact of the matter is this simply isn’t true (in most states) and the 2006 legislation called the “Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA)” actually only talks about banks and new regulations regarding gambling transactions.  Because of this, it’s still legal to play poker online in the USA (in most states) and our guide to US sites will show you exactly which sites are currently accepting American players.

United Kingdom Legal Stance

PKR Poker is the world’s leading 3D poker site with awesome graphics and an $800 bonus.

Will Hill is one of the most popular betting brands in the UK with an excellent poker room for players.

Poker 770 is a new comer to the UK market offering some cool no deposit bonuses and offers.

Ladbrokes is the best known betting site in the UK with a cool 3D and 2D poker website.

The United Kingdom is perhaps the most liberal when it comes to online poker and the game has been regulated in the UK for a very long time.  Most of the laws in Britain pertain to operators and not players, therefore players are free to play on any site they wish without fear of prosecution or breaking any laws.  Another major benefit of playing online from the UK is that gambling winnings are non-taxable and players who play for a living will enjoy tax free living conditions when residing and playing poker from within the United Kingdom.

Canada Legal Stance

888 Poker is an excellent choice for Canadian players and the site offers an $8 no deposit bonus.

At Poker 770 new Canadian players will receive $17.70 for free without depositing.

Party Poker has long been a great brand for Canadians with a full casino as well as poker.

Winner Poker is on the iPoker network and offers an easy to clear $200 bonus for players.

In Canada the laws regarding online poker are still somewhat murky however for the time being it’s not illegal to play online and players are free to play without any scrutiny from the Government.  Recently, the Provincial Governments in Canada have begun undertaking operation of their own regulated poker sites however at this point this has had no impact on foreign operators with customers in Canada. Canadian residents also will enjoy a tax-free environment on gambling winnings as long as they are not your sole source of income.

Europe (EU) Legal Stance

PKR.com is the best 3D poker site in Europe with $800 free, killer graphics and cool features.

Titan Poker recently rebranded their site and is offer $500 plus $25 free for European players.

888 Poker lets you play in Euros and offers a no deposit bonus for new players plus up to $400!

Party Poker is one of the most Euro friendly rooms with great tournaments and $500 free.

Throughout Europe the stance on online poker varies greatly from one country to another however it’s widely accepted that the game is legal to play.  For some countries operators are required to obtain a state sanctioned license which must be attained prior to accepting players from specific regions.  As far as players are concerned however playing online poker is perfectly legal in almost all EU nations and players are free to play at their will.

Australia Legal Stance

Titan Poker is a good choice for Aussie players looking for soft competition online & $525 free.

Sign up at 888 Poker from Australian and receive $8 FREE plus 100% up to $400 more.

Full Tilt is a huge brand in Australian with tons of pros and up to $600 in free bonuses.

Play at the largest site in the world with up to $600 free and over $1M in weekly tournaments.

In Australia the law regarding online poker is somewhat backwards in that it prevents operators from advertising and doing business in the country but does not prevent players from joining the sites.  Because of this, lots of popular operators accept Australian players and it’s generally accept to play at these sites.  For the time being players from Australia can play online without any fear of breaking laws or getting into trouble.

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