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One of the most important and essential things that poker players need to study is poker strategy since it can make a huge improvement in your game and turn you from a casual player to a consistent winner at the tables.  Although basic strategies are often overlooked by new players they are really important in gaining a solid knowledge of the game and how players think.  On this page you’ll find a collection of strategy articles written by professional poker players that are aimed at giving you a thorough understanding on how to play winning poker.

Basic Strategy Articles

Poker Hand Rankings – This article provides a basic look at poker hand rankings including what hand beats what in poker and how to evaluate the hands you are dealt during the game.  This is perhaps the most basic thing you’ll need to commit to memory when learning poker and is a fundamental necessity of learning to play.

Bluffing in Poker  – Bluffing is one of the most exhilarating yet dangerous aspects of the game but is necessary to win those pots where you haven’t flopped the nuts.  In this article we take a look at some of the most common ways to bluff during play that are effective at driving opponents off their hands and letting you win.

Reading Your Opponents – Being able to make an accurate read of what card your opponents hold is an invaluable skill in the game of poker.  Although you won’t always be right, learning the tells of online poker players is a sure way to increase your profitability.  This article discusses common tells associated with players.

Bankroll Management – One of the biggest issues afflicting poker players is the ability to properly manage their poker money (bankroll) throughout their careers.  Using proper bankroll management tactics is of all the most vital strategy that players need to master.  This article provides insight on managing your poker money online.

Dealing with Bad Beats – It’s inevitable that at some point playing poker you are going to get sucked out and lose a big pot to someone with a worse hand, the important thing is how you deal with it.  This article discusses different strategies to deal with those bad beats when they happen to effectively get through them.

Calculating Pot Odds – One of the most important math equations that players will need to know when playing is how to calculate pot odds in order to make a decision how to play their hand.  Pot Odds are used to determine the best course of action when put to a decision such as an all-in or big bet while playing a game.

Calculating Implied Odds – Another aspect of odds calculation in poker is what’s known as Implied Odds which basically use pot odds in conjunction with various assumptions about players to get a more accurate statistic regarding a call or fold decision.  How to calculate this as well as the formula for Implied odds is discussed.

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