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Legal Situation of Internet Poker in European Union

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Several players who play internet poker are unsure about the laws for online poker in Europe. In the last few years, almost every European nation has developed and followed its own laws for online poker. Even today many countries abide by the same laws. However, a few changes were made in the online poker scenario in Europe because of EU regulations. According to the EU, poker companies will have access to all member states’ markets, provided they are operating in one.

The member states are required to follow the EU rules. In addition, they also have to regulate online poker at their level. With many nations taking steps to continue using laws developed before the European Union was established, the legal scenario for online poker in Europe is continuously changing. The key aim behind some countries doing this is protecting their own revenues.

Through this article, you can find out about the laws that pertain to online poker in Europe. We have listed some of the online poker related frequently asked questions (FAQs) and have answered them. Our site is committed to providing information regarding the rights of players all over Europe. With this information, you can play poker online without worrying about the laws that apply to the game in different European jurisdictions.

What is the legal situation of online poker in European Union?

Did you know that the overwhelming majority of EU member states tolerate online gambling? It is actually quite common among EU member states to regulate and levy tax on online poker operations, instead of prohibiting them like in the USA. Online casinos and poker rooms are enjoying a sustained interest across Europe. Countries like Germany, Austria, France Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Ireland have seen high growth in online casino and online poker. Increased internet access in Eastern European countries has led to the growth of online gambling there as well.

Do all EU Member States Follow the Same Online Gambling Rules?

No. For instance, the Dutch Gaming Act does not allow Dutch nationals to take part in online poker or casino games operated by a company that has not obtained a Dutch license. Whereas, U.K. legislation not only allows all online gaming activity, but also supports foreign operators running their sites in the country. This is a very smart move as the state is able to monitor companies that operate, and check for money laundering and other illegal activities sometimes associated with online gaming.

Which Online Poker Rooms Accept European Players?

All the online poker rooms reviewed and listed by us on this site allow players from Europe to access their poker games. The operators of these poker rooms are mostly able to accept players from Europe as their companies are located off-shore. Some of the countries from which the companies are run are tax havens like Antigua and Kahnawake. Of the many online poker rooms that accept players from Europe, the major rooms that you should check out are Titan Poker and Party Poker. Find out more about these sites from the online reviews we have created for them. Before you start playing poker at any site, check out the rules set by the country in which you play.

EU Gambling History

To be honest, European Union member states have taken a really pro-online stand regarding gambling/poker. Even though some individual member states have attempted to regulate the activity at their level, they have not been able to ban it. This is because, banning online gambling runs counter to EU law. The law reigns supreme in all member states.

In conclusion, online poker playing is mostly legal in Europe. We recommend that you find out more about the laws and regulations in the country where you reside, before playing poker online. There were some EU member states that churned out anti-poker gambling legislation. But, as stated above, the EU has made its stance on this quite clear. The legality of any proposals to ban or restrict online gambling in individual member states is sure to be challenged at the supranational level.


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