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Moneybookers Poker Sites

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Many people don’t know that Money Bookers was created as a more cost effective alternative to Pay Pal. At that time Pay Pal was the only e-wallet out there and they had very high fees. This did not bode well with many poker players as their funds were going to pay pal and not to their online winnings. Money Bookers also can be used to pay bills and buy and sell items on the Internet. The great thing about Money Bookers is that many sites carry the name and allow poker players from around the world including the US to deposit and withdrawal funds. This article will explain how Money Bookers works by providing information on how to establish an account and by showing you how to fund your poker account using them online. Also be sure to check out the Recommended MoneyBookers Poker Rooms above. Some have some really great promotions running now.

Signing Up for A Moneybookers Account

The best part of having a Money Bookers account is that it cost nothing to create one. All you have to do is fill in your information and then confirm the account with your email address. Just be sure to open a personal account rather then a Money Bookers business account which works differently.

Now that you have created the account the Money Booker team will send you a confirmation email so that you can verify who you are to them. You have up to 24 hours to confirm the account or else it goes void.  The next step is to verify your new account. To do this the Money Booker team will send you a personal letter to your address and you will have to log on with the right passwords that they give you. Now that you are verified you are free to use the moneybookers account. It seems like a bit but it’s the same process or worse when you go to a bank.

Now your asking how can I fund my Money Bookers account. This is very easy as there are many different options to use when trying to get funds for playing poker online. Players can use major credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa, debit cards and bank accounts. The cool thing about having an account with Money Bookers for playing poker is that you can wire money to and from family members and friends.

Over all the process is pretty easy to set up and you can end up using the money in the account to fund your poker playing with the above poker rooms. Now that you can open an account you now have to know how to move your money back and forth.

Money Bookers and Online Poker

For sites that have the MoneyBookers option players have to go to the poker sites cashier section in order to put funds into the poker account. Once you open the cashier section, you will be asked to enter the details of your Money Bookers account in the deposit area. You can fund your account directly from Money Bookers or you can withdraw from your credit card and other accounts you have associated with them. So whether you have money in your account or not you can still get money from your accounts from Money Bookers.

Once you confirm your deposit then you should be able to play right away with the money you moved over. It should show up in you funds area in the Poker Room sections. You will usually get a confirmation on the money reaching your poker account for an extra security measure. Now that you’re set you can play poker online with your new account.

Withdrawing Funds from Money Bookers

So you have one big and want to take out your cash using Money Bookers. No Problem! Players can easily get access to their cash by going to the cashier in their specific poker room. Once again select Money Bookers as the ewallet you want to put the winnings into. Select the cash out button and type in what you want to pull out. There is usually a two to three day wait before you see the funds in your Money Booker account as there are usually delays on the poker rooms end. Once the money is in your account you can transfer it to whatever account you have set up with Money Bookers.

MoneyBookers Fees
  • Sending Money 1% cut
  • Receive Money 0%
  • Credit Cards 1.9%
  • SWIFT Withdrawal 1.8% EUR

For your specific country you can check out the following link for Money Bookers:


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