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Satellite Tournament Poker Sites

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Satellite tournaments are some of the most popular tournaments available at online poker sites. They are actually smaller tournaments that give the winners entry into bigger tournaments. People are attracted to satellite tournaments because they have small buy-ins. They give casual and beginner poker players a chance to gain entry to large poker tournaments with great prize pools.

Satellite Tournament Information

Satellite tournaments are a little different than simply playing poker hands at an Internet poker site. They take a lot of time to play. Most satellite tournaments last between four and six hours. Also, the odds of winning a satellite tournament are a lot lower than winning a single poker hand. There are a lot more people competing in a satellite tournament. In addition, satellite tournament players are usually very skilled and have been playing poker for several years. This shouldn’t discourage you from entering satellite tournaments because you still have a chance to win and you will gain invaluable experience.

You usually have to be more aggressive in satellite tournaments. You should be ready to take some chances. You have to be able to build a stack of chips that will last for a long time. You will be able to intimidate the other players at the table if you have a big stack. You should also always be aware of what your opponents are doing during a satellite tournament. You want to take advantage of the players who are being too careful or who are playing too aggressively.

The Best Satellite Tournament Online Poker Sites

Pokerstars is one of the best satellite tournament Internet poker sites. They feature sit and go satellite tournaments that have a step structure. You begin with a low buy-in at step 1. If you finish in the top of that tournament you will automatically move on to the next step. You will have the chance to win thousands of dollars if you make it to the final step.

Another excellent satellite tournament poker site is Full Tilt Poker. They are known worldwide for their tournaments. Players who win satellite tournaments on Full Tilt Poker have the chance to advance to the World Series of Poker. The site will cover your buy-in and give you Full Tilt gear to wear while you compete in the largest poker tournament in the world.


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