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6 Max Poker Sites

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Shorthanded poker games usually refer to tables with a 6 player limit. Ordinarily, a regular poker game features 9 or 10 players participating, but 6 max poker sites have gained popularity within the online poker community because they require players to adjust to a different type of game play technique and strategy.

Finding the Best 6 Max Poker Sites

Practically every online poker site maintains specialized 6 max poker tables. Because 6 max poker gaming is not as popular as traditional poker games that have 8, 9 and 10 participating players, it is important to find the best 6 max poker site based on player traffic population. 6 max poker sites with a high number of registered poker players will give you plenty of opponents to play against at the 6 max poker tables. With a large enough player population, you will be able to join 6 max poker tables quickly instead of waiting for a full ring game poker table to fill all of its seats.

6 Max Poker Funds

Playing poker online at 6 max poker sites will require you to make adjustments to how you manage your poker account funds. There are less players participating in a 6 max poker game compared to a full ring poker game, which means that every player will be involved in more pots in a shorter time span when playing at 6 max poker sites. 6 max poker games also expose players to larger swings in chip count, which will require a larger than normal bankroll in order to survive the highs and lows of a standard 6 max poker game.

6 Max Poker Strategies

6 max poker sites force you to adapt to the game by focusing on your starting hand strategy and improving your ability to play aggressive poker. A 6 max poker game inherently means that the chance of a player starting out with a strong hand is lower than usual simply because there are less players participating. This increases the value of marginal hands and suited connectors in 6 max poker games, which must be used efficiently in order to consistently compete for pots.

Being able to make aggressive poker moves is important in successfully playing at 6 max poker sites. As a 6 max poker player, you must be able to make your poker moves early on during the round instead of playing tight and waiting for your winning draw with the 5th community card. Aggressive play with marginal and mediocre hands will help you exploit most of the opportunities, particularly when your opponents have weak hands or have missed out on their draws.

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