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Poker Sites With Bad Beat Jackpots

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A bad beat poker hand occurs when a player appears to have very strong cards and then loses to an even better hand. Bad beat jackpots are given to the player who holds the losing hand. Not every poker site offers bad beat jackpots and there are several requirements that must be met before a jackpot is given. The best poker sites with bad beat jackpots contain very clear requirements for winning the jackpot.

Bad Beat Jackpot Information

Bad beat jackpots are given to players to try to take away some of the sting of losing a poker hand when you had great cards. Players generally have to at least have a four-of-a-kind with 8s or better to be entitled to the bad beat jackpot. In addition, both of the cards the player was dealt must be used to make up the hand. There are even more specific restrictions for some poker games. For example, in Texas Hold’em, your hole cards must be part of the three of a kind if a full house is the bad beat poker hand.

Bad beat jackpots are generally progressive. Progressive jackpots grow with every game played. An additional rake is usually taken out of each pot in games that feature bad beat jackpots. Usually everyone at a poker table will receive a cut of the jackpot. More money will be awarded to the player with the bad beat hand and to the player who actually won the hand. A percentage of the jackpot is returned to the poker site. In addition, a smaller portion of the jackpot is used to contribute to the next bad beat poker hand.

The Best Bad Beat Jackpot Sites

Not every online poker site gives you the option to play in bad beat jackpot hands. Party Poker is one of the best poker sites with bad beat jackpots on the Internet. It is an extremely popular site that features thousands of players in a wide variety of poker games. Party Poker follows the standard rules of bad beat jackpots. Party Poker is a great bad beat jackpot poker site because it provides a generous poker bonus. The bonus matches a certain percentage of a player’s first deposit at the site. The bonus gives you some extra money to bet with as you get used to playing bad beat jackpot hands.

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