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Getting Started with Online Poker

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Getting Started with Online Poker

Online poker rooms have become very popular and there are thousands of them today. But, you will find it very difficult to figure out which poker room is the best for you. There are many well-known sites you can choose from, and there are some not so popular ones, which offer just as good an experience. Here are the things you need to keep in mind when you are starting with online poker for real money.

Choosing the site

This is perhaps the biggest question you will face. There are various aspects to keep in mind you are looking for a poker site. First of all you should look at the software used and what kind of features it provides you. Apart from that, you should check the site for the competition that you will face. If you want to raise your level then go for a site that offers you competitive players. If you are trying to earn a quick buck, then it is advisable to go for poker sites that do not have very tough competition.

The screen name 

Choosing a screen name is very important as it will be your identity on that poker room. People will refer to you by your screen name in the online world. That is why, you should keep it simple, but also make it stand out. Many people prefer to use their real name or something as close to their real name as possible. Having your real name as your screen name when playing online poker for real money tells others that you are serious about your game and might even be a professional player.

Playing the right game

Poker is a big family of games. Choosing the right games from all these games becomes very important. Although you may find Omaha and Texas hold’em as very similar games, that is not the case. You should read about the different versions of poker and study them. You should pick a game that you like and stick with it till you master it.

Table limits

Selecting the table limits is another thing that needs to be taken care of when you are starting to play poker online. When you are a beginner, it is best to play online poker games at the lower limit table. It will provide slightly lesser winnings but would be great for building your confidence. Once you think you are good enough, you should move on to table with higher limits that will allow you to win a lot.


The welcome bonus is another thing that players need to consider while joining a poker site. Almost every poker room offers a welcome bonus but they also impose restrictions on withdrawing it. To make the most of the bonus offer, make sure that the wagering requirements are not very tough to meet. Some sites will try to lure you through bonuses but on reading the conditions you will realize that you have to wager a lot of money before you get your hands on the money.

Avoid Distractions

For a new player, it is very easy to get distracted when paying online poker for real money. Players often make the mistake of playing on more tables than they can effectively handle. Also, many players are unable to keep track of their bankroll or the time spent. This is very common with new players. That is why you should play with concentration and on lesser tables till you can handle more action.
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