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How To Play Heinz 57

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Heinz 57 poker isn’t a poker game that you’re going to be able to play in any casinos or poker rooms although it’s very fun to play and I’d recommend trying it out if you have a few poker buddies to play with. The entire poker game is based around five card draw except for one major difference, which is that there are wild cards in Heinz 57 poker. The wild cards are the 5’d and 7’s, which you can use as anything. Other then that single rule change, Heinz 57 poker is exactly the same as five card draw, so if you know how to play that poker game already you won’t need to read the rules below.

The first thing that you and your friends need to do is play a round of high card to determine the dealer. Once the dealer is determined everyone that’s going to play the hand needs to put an ante into the pot. The ante is a small forced bet to ensure action in every single pot while playing Heinz 57 poker. If you’re playing a $1/$2 game then the ante might only be $.10 since it’s typically about 10% of the small bet. “Heinz 57 poker” is played in limit only, so keep this in mind.

When all of the antes have been placed into the pot the dealer can begin dealing out the cards. In Heinz 57 poker every player is dealt five cards with all of them being dealt face down. Players can look at their hand once the deal is finished and can start the first round of betting. The person that is sitting to the left of the dealer needs to begin the 1st round of betting, which is why it’s important to switch dealers every hand.

During both betting rounds in Heinz 57 poker players have the choice between checking, betting, raising or folding. In the 1st betting round players use the small betting limits, which means if you’re playing $1/$2 the bet would be $1. After the round of betting is finished all of the players that stayed in the hand are allowed to draw cards. In Heinz 57 poker you’re only allowed to draw 3 cards unless you’ve been dealt an ace or wild card, in which case you can draw 4 cards. You have to reveal to players that you have an ace or wild when taking 4 cards, so keep this in mind before doing it. You can disguise the fact you have a wild by only taking 3 cards.

After everyone in the hand has taken their turn to draw cards there is one final round of betting between players. In this round of betting players use the big bet. If you were playing a $1/$2 game then the bet would be $2 with each raise being $2 as well. Keep in mind that the stakes below are just examples and you can definitely play Heinz 57 poker using higher stakes if you and your friends have the bankrolls.

If there is still more then one player in the hand then everyone left in the pot needs to show their hand at this point to determine who wins the money. The player with the best 5-card poker hand wins. Remember that you can use 5’s and 7’s as a wild card in your hand. The reason the game uses wild cards is to ensure that there is a lot more betting then you typically find in a five card draw game. There are a lot more big hands in Heinz 57 poker and therefore it’s a lot more exciting to play then five card draw, which can actually get kind of boring after a bit.

The hand rankings used in Heinz 57 are the same as any other regular poker game, so you can study any chart if you don’t know poker hand rankings already. If you’re looking to add some spice to your poker game rather then to your steak this is the perfect poker game to play. Many of you may have tried Heinz 57 on your steak, but until you try out the poker game you don’t know what real spice is.


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