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How To Play Black Mariah

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Black Mariah poker is a lot like seven card stud although there are a few noticeable differences that we’re going to take a look at throughout this guide. This type of poker game isn’t played on any online poker sites and it’s not commonly played in any land-based casinos either. This is a great dealer’s choice game that everyone will love due to the potential for a lot of action and the fact that the pot can be built up over multiple hands. There aren’t many poker games where the pot stays in the middle in some instances and it’s one of the reasons Black Mariah poker is so much fun.

If you’ve never played stud poker before we’re going to go through all of the rules that you need to know in order to play Black Mariah poker. Whether you have played stud poker before or never played poker in your life, you’ll be able to play this poker game by the time you’re done reading this guide. The first thing that you need to do to start playing this poker game is decide who’ll deal the 1st hand and post the antes. Antes are a forced bet that’s typically a small percentage of the small bet, for instance, in a $5/$10 game the ante might be $.50 – $1.

The dealer can now deal out three cards to every player with the 1st cards dealt face down and the last card being dealt face up for the entire table to see. Everyone starts a quick betting round now with your option being to call the come-in bet, raise or fold. The come-in bet is a forced bet that needs to be made by the player with the highest face up card. When the betting is over players are dealt another face up card. Everyone bets again and this continues until everyone has six cards.

Once everyone has six cards there is a round of betting and then everyone still in the hand receives 1 face down card before a final round of betting. There are a couple rules that you need to know in order to play Black Mariah poker properly. If you’ve played Follow the Queen poker before then you’ll already know how to play with these rules. Basically the queens are all wild and if a queen is dealt face up during the hand the next card dealt is also a wild. The wild cards ensure that there is plenty of action during the hand, but it won’t ensure a victory.

In order to win the hand in Black Mariah poker you need to not only have the best 5-card poker hand, but you also need to have the highest spade card in the hand out of your face down cards. The face up cards can’t be used towards your high spade card. If you don’t have the best poker hand and the highest face down spade then the hand is considered a draw and all of the money stays in the pot for the next hand. Another rule that’s important to know is that if the queen of spades is dealt face up during the hand, the hand is immediately over and all of the money stays in the pot for the next hand.

As you can see it can take quite awhile to actually win a hand in Black Mariah poker since you need to have the highest hand and spade card. This means that when you do finally win a pot it could be huge since the money could have been compiling for the past few hands. Nothing is better then watching two of your opponents build up a pot that you can potentially win the next hand. If someone is dealt the ace of spades face down they won’t fold, so it’s very common for a hand to be tied.

Black Mariah might not be the most exciting game if you’re playing for fun since it might take awhile for a player to win a hand, but if you’re playing poker for real money this is an awesome game. Give it a shot next time you’re dealing at your poker game with your friends and see if you can strategize enough to beat your opponents.


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