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How To Play Monte Carlo Poker

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Monte Carlo poker is a variation of Guts poker, so if you’ve played Guts poker in the past you’ll already know most of the rules for playing Monte Carlo poker. You can’t really find this poker game in many online poker sites, but it’s found in casinos around the world. It’s a really simple game to play once you learn the rules, but it’ll take a bit of patience since it isn’t similar to many other traditional poker games such as Texas Holdem, Stud and Omaha.

At the start of a round in Monte Carlo poker players are required to ante. For the sake of this guide we’re going to pretend that we’re playing on a table with a $1 ante. Once every player puts their $1 ante into the pot the dealer can deal out three cards to each player face down. Everyone is now allowed to look at their hand and decide whether they would like to stay in the hand or go out of the hand.

If you’d like to stay in the hand then you simply need to pay a $1. The bet to stay in the hand is always the same size of the ante, so if you were using $.50 antes the bet to stay in the hand would only be $.50. Once everyone has paid the $1 to stay in the hand or folded their cards into the muck everyone that stayed in the hand can flip over their hand. The player with the highest hand wins the pot at this stage and the hand is now over.

The winner of the pot will receive all of the money in the pot and will be required to pay a $1 ante to play the next hand. The players that folded their hand need to also pay $1 ante to stay in the round and play the next hand. The players that stayed in the previous hand and lost are required to pay an ante equivalent to the pot they just lost. This means that if you stayed in the hand and you lost a $20 pot, you’d be required to pay an ante of $20 to stay in the round. If you don’t pay the ante you need to sit out until the next round, which could take a long time.

A round of Monte Carlo poker isn’t over until one player stays in the hand without anyone else staying in the hand. This is a rare occurrence so it’s important to pay your antes in Monte Carlo poker if you want to keep playing. With the potential for players putting up to $20 into the pot as an ante, the pots can become huge in Monte Carlo poker. As you can see Monte Carlo is a very straightforward game to play. There aren’t multiple betting rounds or draws in this game and all you need to worry about is whether you want to stay in the hand or fold the hand. You don’t need to worry about players raising you all-in either in this poker game, which is always a nice change from other poker game where there aren’t any limits.

The hand rankings are different in Monte Carlo poker then in other poker games because players only have 3 cards to make the best hand possible rather then 5 like in the majority of poker games. Below is a breakdown of the hand rankings in the game.

  • High Card
  • Pair
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Straight Flush

The one main difference between the hand rankings in Monte Carlo poker and other poker games is that a straight is ranked higher then a flush. With only three cards in each hand it’s a lot more difficult to try and hit a straight then it is to hit a flush and that’s why the straight is ranked higher. Monte Carlo is an awesome poker game that is unique and a fresh change of pace from the poker games that people play everyday.


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