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GUTS Poker

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Guts poker is one of the easiest poker games to learn how to play because there really isn’t much strategy or steps to follow. In this poker game there are no blinds or antes either although if you wanted to add antes it’s definitely possible. If you want to build bigger pots then you should add antes to the game, but it’s not required. When you want to start playing a hand of Guts poker you simply deal out two cards to each player in the hand.

After two cards have been dealt out to each player in the hand, the player to the left of the dealer needs to start the first round of betting. In Guts poker the betting is different then it is in typical internet poker games such as Holdem or Omaha. Rather then being able to bet any amount, you’re only allowed to bet a predetermined amount. If you’re playing Guts poker with $1 stakes then you need to bet $1 into the pot to stay in the hand. If you don’t like your hand then you can fold rather then pay a $1 and you’re out of the hand, but not the game.

Once every player at the table has decided to stay in or fold, you’re allowed to flip over your 2 cards. The player with the best 2-card poker hand will win the entire pot. Obviously the highest pair wins the hand if anyone has a pair, but it isn’t that common to be dealt a pair in Guts poker. If nobody has a pair then the highest card wins the pot, but if two players are tied with the highest card, you’ll need to use the 2nd card as a tiebreaker to determine who has the best hand. When you’ve determined who the winner of the pot is, you can push the chips to the winner.

Everyone else in the hand needs to put money into the pot once the winner has taken his or her money. Each player that stayed in the hand and lost needs to place a wager that’s equal to the size of the pot. For instance, if the pot were $5, each player that stayed in the hand and lost would need to put $5 into the pot for the next hand rather then the regular $1 ante. This can really begin to add up, which is why it’s important to ensure you don’t call every hand unless you really think that you have a legitimate shot at winning the pot.

Guts poker is one of the simplest poker games to play and it’s one of the best poker games for new players to learn. One of the reasons why this poker game is so important to learn is because a lot of other poker games are based off of the same rules found in Guts poker. There are lots of Guts poker variations that we’ve talked about on the website already, but I would definitely recommend playing Guts poker before taking a look at the variations. The variations of Guts poker are always more difficult and generally have a few unique rules that make the game different.

If you’re going to play Guts poker for real money you don’t need to learn much strategy. The game is based on luck for the most part, as if you don’t get dealt any high cards it’s going to be hard to win. It’s not like there are any betting rounds where players are allowed to wager any amount of money they want. There isn’t any bluffing in Guts poker and the only thing you need to become familiar with, is what hands to call. You obviously want to call every pair that you have and I typically play hands when I have at least Q/K high, depending on how many players are in the hand.

You don’t want to call to wide of a range of hands since you need to pay a bet equal to the pot if you lose the hand. Guts poker isn’t available in online poker rooms yet, but it’s a very popular game in many casinos around the world. It’s simple to play, doesn’t take long and requires very little skill/strategy, which makes it a perfect game for many people to play in the casino.


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