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How To Play Thirty Eight Poker

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Thirty-Eight poker is one of the many variations of Guts poker and both games are very similar. There are only a couple rule changes in this poker game compared to Guts poker, so if you already know how to play Guts poker you’ll learn the game in a few minutes. Thirty-Eight poker is a dealer’s choice game that you won’t be able to play online as of right now, but the game is extremely easy to learn and set-up, so playing with your friends won’t be an issue. Thirty-Eight poker is also very similar to a variation of Guts poker known as Three to Five poker.

To start playing a hand of Thirty-Eight poker you need to shuffle up the deck of cards and make sure that everyone on the table puts an ante bet into the pot. To keep the game as simple as possible you should make the ante $1. The player that is dealing out the cards this hand can begin to deal out three face down cards to each player that paid their ante. Players can look at their cards now and decide if they would like to stay in the hand or not. If you’d like to stay in the hand you need to put another $1 into the pot.

The player that is dealing needs to deal out another two cards to everyone that stayed in the hand now. Once this is done there is a round of betting, but the rules are different then they are in other Guts poker games. Rather then being able to bet any amount players are only allowed to bet a single, double or triple. If you’re playing with a $1 ante then the single bet would be $1, the double bet would be $2 and the triple bet would be $3.

If a player calls out that he wants to bet a triple bet then the other players need to decide whether they want to pay $3 to stay in the hand. When you fold your hand you need to pay a $1 ante to play the next hand, but if you fold your hand during the betting round you need to pay a bigger ante. For instance, if you call double and then another player calls triple and you fold, you need to put a $2 ante into the next pot. If you lose at the showdown then you also need to pay an ante that is equivalent to the bet that you put into the pot.

After all of the betting has finished anyone that is left in the hand needs to flip his or her cards over. In Thirty-Eight poker the goal is to make the best poker hand using all five of your cards. One of the other unique rule changes that is really important to know is that threes and eights are wild cards. You can use any three or eight as whatever card you’d like. With the addition of wild cards in this Guts poker variation, you can be sure that you and your friends will have plenty of big pots.

If you’re playing Thirty-Eight poker for real money with your friends then you’ll want to learn a bit of strategy. You should play conservatively in this game and only stay in hands when you have a pair or wild card in your 3-card hand. You don’t really want to call with a 3-card straight or flush because the chances of hitting your draw are very slim and will cost you more money in the long run.

You may also be able to bluff your opponents off of their hand if you’re playing a higher limit game such as a $5 ante game. If you only play a $1 ante then it’s hard to push an opponent off their hand since it can only cost them a maximum of $4 to go to the showdown against you whereas in a $5 game it’d cost $20. Thirty-Eight poker is a fairly easy game to learn and play, but you should make sure you keep these rules handy in case you run into any problems while you’re playing.

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