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Jacks and Piss Poker

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If you’ve played Guts poker or one of the many variants of Guts poker before, you shouldn’t have much of a problem learning how to play Jacks & Piss poker, since the rules are close to the same. You need a minimum of 2 players and one deck of cards without any jokers in order to begin playing this great poker game. Jacks & Piss poker is one of the few poker games that use wild cards, so if you enjoy playing in big pots, you’re going to love this game. The rules are pretty straightforward, but if you don’t pay attention you’re going to have a very hard time playing the game afterwards.

When you have all of the players around the table, the first thing that you need to make sure to do is ensure every player in the game puts an ante into the pot. Since the pots tend to get big in Jacks & Piss poker you’re definitely going to want to play with an ante that isn’t going to be too big for anyone. If everyone at the table only has $100 then you should try playing with a $.50 – $1 ante initially to see how that goes before you start playing for more money.

The dealer can start dealing out four cards to every player in the hand that’s posted their ante. If you haven’t posted your ante by the time the dealer starts dealing you need to sit out the hand. If you’re the dealer, you need to make sure you flip over the top card on the deck after you’re finished dealing out four cards to everyone. The card that you flip over is the only community card in Jacks & Piss poker. If you don’t know what a community card is, it’s simply a card that everyone in the hand can use. In Jacks & Piss poker the community card is a wild card as well as all of the jacks.

If you were to flip over a 7 it means that all of the 7’s in the deck are wild for that hand and not just the 7 that was flipped over. Although it doesn’t happen very often, if you flip over a jack as the community card, it means that only jacks are wild for that hand. When the deal is over the 1st player to act in the hand is the player sitting to the immediate left of the dealer. Starting with the 1st player, everyone needs to either declare that they want to remain in the pot or out of the pot. For those of you that want to stay in the pot, you need to put a bet into the pot that’s equal to the size of the pot after the antes have been put in. For instance, if 4 of you put $1 into the pot to start the hand as your ante, it’d cost you $4 at this stage of the hand to remain in the pot.

When everyone has finished deciding on staying in the pot or folding, the players that did stay in the pot are allowed to discard the cards they don’t want and exchange them for new cards from the top of the deck. You’re only allowed one discard for as many cards as you want in Jacks & Piss poker. Once the discard round is over, everyone that’s still in the hand need to complete a round of betting like you would in any other poker game. You can bet any amount you want during this betting round, so it’s the perfect time to try and bluff if you’re feeling lucky.

After all of the betting is done the players that still have a hand need to flip over their cards and make the best poker hand that they can using their four cards and the single community card. Remember that jacks are wild and the community card is always wild in Jacks & Piss poker. If you declared to stay in the hand after the initial deal and you end up losing the hand, you need to put a bet into the next pot that’s equal to the size of the pot after you declared in the hand.

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