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Bermuda Triangle Poker

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Bermuda Triangle is a dealer’s choice poker game that you won’t find readily available in most casinos. If you plan on visiting Las Vegas or Atlantic City you should be able to find a table that is playing Bermuda Triangle. Your other option is to teach your friends how to play the game after reading the rules below and then playing against them. Bermuda Triangle is similar in some ways to both Texas Holdem and Omaha, but there are quite a few noticeable differences.

To start a hand of Bermuda Triangle poker you need to shuffle up the cards and deal out 4 cards face down to every player on the table just like you would if you were playing Omaha poker. Once you’ve dealt the cards to each player the dealer needs to make a triangle using 6 face down cards on the table. The 6 cards are community cards in Bermuda Triangle poker and everyone is allowed to use them to improve their hand.

Once the dealer is done making the triangle he/she also needs to flip over the 3 cards in the middle of the triangle. At this point in the hand the players start a round of betting. It doesn’t matter which player starts the round of betting and you simply move left around the table once you decide who’ll bet first. Players have the option of checking, betting or raising initially and once the first bet has been made, players can also just call.

After the round of betting is over the dealer needs to flip over one of the remaining cards in the triangle. It doesn’t matter which card you decide to flip over, as they’ll all end up flipped over if the hand goes to the showdown. Everyone left in the hand will bet again once the fourth card of the triangle is flipped over. If two or more players remain in the hand then the dealer will flip over the 5th card in the triangle and then players will bet again. The final card of the triangle will be flipped over now and then a final round of betting will take place.

If there are still 2 or more players in the hand then the players that are still left in the pot will need to flip over their hands. The objective when you’re playing Bermuda Triangle poker is to have the best 5-card poker hand using the same hand rankings that you would for poker games such as Texas Holdem and Omaha. The difference in this poker game though, is that you need to use 2 cards from your 4 hole cards and 3 cards from the 6 cards in the triangle. It’s important that you remember that you can only use 2 of your hole cards and 3 cards from the community cards when making your hand.

Since players have 4 hole cards and 6 community cards to use to try and make the best hand possible you can bet that most winning hands are going to be very good. You really shouldn’t play the hand unless you have a nut flush, nut straight or better. You aren’t going to see many players winning a hand with two pairs or a set so you should just avoid even thinking about betting these types of hands. Bermuda Triangle is a very fun poker variant because of the fact that most hands end up being huge.

If you can find a table playing Bermuda Triangle the next time you’re in a live casino you may be able to make more money playing this game then Texas Holdem or Omaha. A lot of people won’t know how to play this game that well and will generally end up calling down with marginal hands. It’s easy to pick up a few good hands and win a lot of money while playing this game, so don’t become impatient and start betting with weak hands like two pairs. Remember that Bermuda Triangle isn’t going to be available online, but you can play it in some casinos around Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

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