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How To Play Indian Poker

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Indian poker is one of the most fun poker games that you can play although it’s not available in any casinos. If you want to play this poker game you’ll need to play it with your friends. You can play Indian poker for real money, but you can also play Indian poker as if it were a drinking game. Every time a player wins the pot everyone else in the hand needs to have a drink. The game is extremely quick to play and it doesn’t take more then a minute to play a hand once everyone learns the rules and begins to get the hang of the game.

You only need to use one deck of cards to play Indian poker and the aces are always considered to be high in this game. Instead of reshuffling the deck of cards after every hand players continue using the same deck until there aren’t enough cards in the deck to play a hand. The cards from previous hands go into the muck and you leave them there until you need to reshuffle the entire deck because you don’t have enough cards in the deck to play a hand. You can play Indian poker with 2-10+ players, as there really isn’t a limit on how many players are in every hand since players are only dealt 1 card apiece.

To start playing Indian poker each player needs to place an ante into the pot. The ante can be whatever you’d like so it’ll depend on the size of your bankroll and the other player’s bankrolls. Once each player has placed his or her ante into the pot the dealer can deal out one card to each player face down. Nobody is allowed to look at his or her card during the hand and if you catch another player looking at their card you need to make sure they fold their hand. Once all of the cards have been dealt out to each player everyone needs to take their card and stick it to their forehead so that everyone can see your card except for you.

Once everyone has placed their card on their forehead it’s time to start betting. The dealer can start the round of betting and it moves around the table clockwise. Players are allowed to check, bet, raise or fold when it’s their turn although you won’t be able to check if someone has already bet in front of you. There are no limits in Indian poker so players are allowed to bet however much they want.

After the betting is finished players can take their card off of their forehead and put it down in front of them. The player with the highest card wins the pot and if there is a tie then the pot is split between the players with the same card. This is one of the only poker games that players don’t actually get to look at their hand until the hand is over. Indian poker is a poker game where players with the best strategy are going to be successful.

One of the best strategies is to be aggressive and come out betting most hands to see if you can get most of your opponents to fold their hand. If the majority of players fold then you can be sure that you have at least a medium valued card such as a 9-10 or something similar. Since you know this you can take a look at the cards left in the hand. If they’re all lower then a 10 then you should keep betting. If you were called by a player with a Queen or higher then you may want to slow down the betting and see what your opposition does before putting more money into the pot.

You also need to be able to read people when playing Indian poker. If you notice a player looking at your card and there eyes light up then you can be sure that you have a fairly good card in most instances. If you notice someone smiling or laughing when you bet into the pot then you can assume that you most likely have a fairly low card. The emotions displayed by your opponents will definitely help you out when playing Indian poker and can save you a lot of money.


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