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Three to Five Poker

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Three to Five poker is another variation of guts poker and is very popular in certain countries around the world. I haven’t seen the game available on any online poker sites yet, but you can still play the game with your poker buddies. The rules of Three to Five poker are similar to Guts Poker although there are a few differences that are important too remember. If you’ve never played Guts Poker either then you’ll want to make sure you read through the entire guide.

When you play Three to Five poker the first thing everyone needs to do is ante into the pot. Once that is done the dealer can deal out three cards to everyone in the hand. At this point players can look at their cards and decide whether they’d like to stay in the hand or fold. If you decide to stay in the hand you’ll need to pay a bet that’s the same size as the ante. Once everyone has decided whether they’re staying in the hand or not you can move onto the next stage of the game.

If you’re one of the players that paid the required bet to stay in the hand you’ll receive a 4th and 5th card from the dealer. All of the players that are left in the hand at this point will complete a round of betting between each other. Once the betting is done the players can flip over their hand and make the best 5-card poker hand that they can using their cards. The player with the highest hand will win the entire pot.

Everyone that didn’t stay in the hand needs to pay the ante again in order to play the next hand. The players that stayed in the hand and lost need to pay an ante that’s the same size as the pot you lost. So if you lost a pot worth $25 you’d need to put that much into the next pot in order to start playing again. You need to pay the ante before you can begin playing again and skipping a hand doesn’t mean that you no longer need to pay the ante, as you’ll still need to pay the ante once you ask to be dealt in again.

The rules of Three to Five poker are very simple and it shouldn’t take you very long to learn the game. Once you take out a deck of cards and actually play a few hands you’ll be able to see how the hand is played out. The rules are straightforward except for the fact that the loser needs to pay an ante the same size as the pot they lost. This is a very important rule so make sure you never forget about it or else the game won’t be played out, as it should.

Since players in the hand need to pay a huge ante if they stay in the hand and lose, it’s very important that you try and only play your very best hands. The betting that takes place during the hand isn’t ever going to cost you that much, but if you stay in a few pots in a row and you lose them all, it could cost you your entire bankroll. You can’t be shy about not playing any hands, but you should really only stay in the hand if you have at least a pair in your 1st three cards.

It’s nice to try and hit a straight or flush, but the likelihood of hitting these two hands in Three to Five poker is very slim and therefore I don’t encourage you to call hands with a straight or flush draw. Bluffing also plays a role in this poker game, but you need to make sure that you pick your spots wisely. Try to make sure that you have good table position in the hand and also a semi-draw if possible, so that in case you’re called, you still have a chance if you hit your draw.

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