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Spit in The Ocean Poker

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Spit in the Ocean poker is a game that you’ll be able to play with your friends on poker night if you know the rules. It’s a dealer’s choice game, but you’re not going to find it in any online poker sites or casinos. The rules are simple and if you’ve played draw poker games in the past then you’ll be able to learn Spit in the Ocean poker extremely quickly. You need to use one full deck of cards to play this poker game and you don’t need any jokers.

The first thing everyone needs to do before the hand starts is put an ante bet in the pot. Everyone has to put this bet into the pot, as it’s a forced bet to make sure that there is always at least a bit of money in the pot. The dealer can then deal out four cards to every player face down. The dealer also needs to flip over the next card on the deck and put it in the middle of the table. The card that is flipped over is the only community card in Spit in the Ocean poker and it’s also wild. All of the other cards of the same value as the flip card are also wild, which means in the flipped card is a 3, all of the 3’s in the deck are wild for that hand.

The 1st betting round begins at this point in the hand starting with the player to the left of the dealer. Players are allowed to make all of the common poker moves such as check, call, raise and fold. Players are only allowed to bet using limit rules, so make sure you set the stakes based on the fact that you’ll be playing limit poker. After the 1st round of betting in Spit in the Ocean poker players have the one and only draw in the hand.

Everyone is allowed to draw as many cards as they want from 1-4 although if you’re drawing 4 cards you really have no business even being in the hand. When the draw is over and everyone has 4 cards again there is one final round of betting using the bigger bet. If you’re playing a $5-$10 poker game then the minimum bet in this round would be $10 with the minimum raise also being $10. When the round of betting is complete the hand is over and it’s time to find out who has the best five card poker hand using their 4 cards and the 1 community card.

To determine who has the best hand you need to use the poker hand rankings chart that you would use for every regular poker game. The highest hand is a royal flush and the worst hand is high card just as if you were playing Holdem. Keep in mind that the community card is always wild in Spit in the Ocean poker along with every other card of the same value. You can really lose a big hand in this poker game when someone has a pair of wilds in their hand and the community card because it means they have a minimum of four of a kind.

Huge hands like this don’t happen every hand, but you can expect a straight or flush to win most hands at the very least. With the wild card you can really have monster pots between players and it’s extremely hard to tell when you have the nuts in this game. You could be sitting with a full house without any wilds in your hand thinking that you should win the hand and then you run into a player that’s been dealt 2-3 wilds.

If you enjoy playing poker games with wild cards and the potential for huge pots then you should definitely play Spit in the Ocean poker. It’s easy to play once you play a few hands and see how the action is played out, so if you’re a little confused at the moment, I’d recommend just trying the game out with the rules in front of you.

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