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357 Poker

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357 Poker is a variation of guts poker, but this game takes a lot longer to finish then basically every other poker game. The reason it takes longer to finish is because the game isn’t over at the end of the hand. Players need to win multiple hands (AKA legs) before they have a chance to win the pot. There are other ways to win money while playing the hand, but the main pot isn’t awarded to a player until after a minimum of five hands, although it often takes longer than that. To start playing 3*5*7 Poker all you need is one deck of cards and at least 1 other player.

When you’re ready to begin playing 357 Poker, everybody needs to place an ante into the pot. You can set the ante as any amount that you want, but don’t make it too small. If you make it to small then you’re going to end up with tiny pots since there aren’t any rounds of betting in this poker game. Rather than betting players need to decide whether they’d like to stay in the hand. If you do want to stay in the hand then you simply place a bet equal to the ante into the pot and declare that you’re staying “IN” the hand. If you don’t want to play the hand all you need to do is fold your cards into the muck like any other poker game.

Once all of the antes are in the pot the dealer can deal out three cards to everyone that’s in the hand. After the deal is over everyone needs to decide whether they want to declare in or out of the pot, starting with the player to the dealer’s left. If you’ve played Guts poker before there is one small rule change you need to know. In 357 Poker if you declare out and then the player next to you declares in, you’re actually allowed to change your mind and come back into the pot if you’d like although I don’t see how this is beneficial in anyway.

After each player has decide what they’re going to do, the players still in the hand can look at each other’s hands now and determine who has the best 3-card poker hand using normal poker hand rankings. The player with the worst hand needs to pay the player with the best hand an amount equal to what’s in the pot. Don’t take any money out of the pot though at this stage in the hand since nobody has won the pot yet. Once the loser of the 3-card hand pays the winner, the dealer can deal out 2 more cards to every player that’s still in the hand from the first round.

When the dealer is done dealing out 2 more cards to everyone, the remaining players need to decide if they want to stay in the hand again or fold. If you want to stay in then you need to put another bet into the pot that’s equal to the size of the ante you’re playing with. After this is finished, players still in the hand can look at each other’s cards one more time and figure out who has the best hand and worst hand using all 5 of your cards. The worst hand needs to pay the winning hand with an amount equal to the size of the entire pot.

At this stage in the hand if there are still 2+ players left, the dealer needs to deal out a final 2 cards to everyone. Once you receive your cards you need to decide whether to declare in or out of the hand. If 2+ players stay in the hand then you need to look at your cards again and figure out which player has the best 5-card hand using any 7 of their cards. The worst hand needs to pay the best hand again with a bet that’s equal to the size of the pot.

The hand is now over, but the main pot stays in the middle. In order to win the main pot you need to win 5 legs. To win a single leg you need to be the only player to declare in at any stage of any hand. For instance, if you declare in when you’re dealt your first 3 cards and nobody else stays in the hand, you win 1 leg. Once a player has won 5 legs they win the main pot and can take all of the money that has accumulated.

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