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How To Play Dog Leg Poker

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Dog Leg poker is another one of the many dealer choice poker games that you may be able to play in certain casinos around the world. This poker game is a mix between five card draw and five card stud, so if you know how to play these two games you’ll already be prepared to play Dog Leg poker. Dog Leg poker is actually a game full of strategy and that’s one of the reasons why so many people enjoy playing this game at the casino.

Just like in the majority of poker games, players are required to put an ante bet into the pot before any cards are dealt in the hand. Once the antes are posted in Dog Leg poker the dealer can deal out five cards to each player. The 1st round of betting starts immediately after the deal is finished and starts with the player to the dealers left. The 1st player is allowed to check or bet. Once a player bets everyone has the choice between calling, raising or folding his or her hand.

When the betting is complete and everyone has put their money in the pot or folded, players need to set their five cards in front of them in any order they want. Everyone in the hand needs to reveal the 1st 2 cards in their hand at this point and then the 2nd betting round begins. Players continue flipping over 1 card at a time and betting after every time they flip over a card until all 5 cards are revealed.

If there happens to be 2 or more players in the hand after the final card has been revealed the hand goes down to the showdown. The player with the best 5-card poker hand wins the hand and takes down the pot. Most hands won’t go down to the showdown in Dog Leg poker because of the fact that everyone gets to see everyone’s cards. There are a few times that hands will go down to the showdown. For instance, if a player has a flush they may have an opponent call them down if they don’t believe them.

The most important part of Dog Leg poker is when you place your cards down in front of you. If you have three of a kind you don’t want to show everyone that you have such a good hand initially. You should place 1 of the cards as your 1st card and then the 2 other cards as your last 2 cards. This way your opponents won’t know you have a set until the very end of the hand. You could still lose to a better hand, but you’ll need to determine whether your hand is good or not based on the cards your opponents reveal.

You won’t be able to play this game online, but it’s actually better to play this game in person with other people. You can tell a lot by how a person is betting in Dog Leg poker. If they notice another player has a pair already and they don’t seem fazed at all and continue betting then you can be sure they have the pair beat. When you reach the 2nd and 3rd betting rounds you should be able to tell whether a player has a flush or straight as well.

One thing you can do in “Dog Leg Poker” is try and bluff your opponents off their hand. If you have lets say 3 spades in your hand, you can easily put them in the front of your hand so it looks like you have a flush. You’ll need to make sure you bet each street and if everyone doesn’t fold by the time you’re out of spades you’ll just need to fold your hand. If you want to play a poker game that involves a lot of strategy then you should give Dog Leg poker a shot. I’m sure all of your poker buddies won’t mind trying this poker game out, as it’s a great game to play with friends. There are ample opportunities to try and bluff your friends and there will be plenty of big pots.


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