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PokerStars makes Changes in Rake Schedule for 2012

Play Poker » PokerStars makes Changes in Rake Schedule for 2012

January 14, 2012

A few days ago, PokerStars proposed some changes in its rake formula. However, following opposition from players, the site abandoned this change. It will go ahead with the new system it planned to use for its VIP program. The site will no longer employ the deal rake formula for its VIP program. In its place, the weighted contributed rake formula will be used. The new VIP program started operating from January 1st.

Weighted Contributed Rake Formula to be used in PokerStars VIP Program

According to the weighted contributed rake formula being used by PokerStars now, players don’t get a rake share simply for playing a hand. On the contrary, rake credits are offered to players in accordance with their contribution towards the pot. VIP Player Points are distributed among players on the basis of this formula.

New Rake Schedule to Affect All Limits

A new rake schedule has been introduced by the poker site which will affect games of all limits. The rake for pot limit and no limit games is 4-4.5%. These games mostly have a rake of $0.5 for every $1 in the pot. Low limit games also have a similar rake.

Major Change Introduced by PokerStars for Fixed Limit Players

Another change in its system has been introduced by the site. It will affect the fixed limit players of the site significantly. Fixed limit games which have a buy-in of at least $2, are charged $1 in rake at $70, $40 and $20. Players pay a flat 3% now. This means that all pot sizes are charged. Rake percentage is determined by the pot size. The percentage on the site is lower now compared to last year. However, the number of pots raked is higher. This is especially so for low limit games. Previously, pots with $5 or higher were raked. All pots being raked now, players have a greater chance of earning Frequent Player Points on the site.

Another Change Affecting 6 Max Players

Another change has been introduced by PokerStars. This will affect the 6 Max poker players. Previously, these players received a rake in a 5 handed table. The rake cap, which was $2, has been made $3 this year. The same rake rule is also applicable for full ring games. After the announcement made by the site, many players expressed their unhappiness with the changes.


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