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PCA Main Event Won by John Dibella

Play Poker » PCA Main Event Won by John Dibella

January 18, 2012

PokerStars Caribbean Adventure 2012 Main Event was won by John Dibella. The player achieved the win after defeating Kyle Julius. By noon, the event was action-packed with 8 players competing against each another. Faraz Jaka remained at the top of the leaderboard throughout the day.

Jaka was ahead of his competitors in the third and second place by only 122,000 chips. Julius was at the second place and Xuan Liu was at the third place. The action was started by Dibella. He had about 3 million chips less than that of Jaka.

Liu had the Most Difficult time at the First Level

At the first level of Friday’s action, things were not smooth for Liu. The player had lost the majority of her chips. In one of the key hands, the pot was raised to pocket fours by Liu. Soon after this, Liu found out that the player next to her, Julius, had pocket Queens. Julius called a raise after this. The flop that followed was quite tricky. It had K-9-7, which led Liu to opt for a continuation bet.

A call was made by Julius once again after which both players checked to the 3 on the turn. An 8 appeared on the river. A bet worth 420K came from Kyle. All this while, only small moves were made by Dibella. At the end of the first level, the player pulled into the 3rd place.

Ruben Visser – The First to be Eliminated

The first player to be sent to the rail was Ruben Visser. The elimination came as a shock to others at the table. The player was eliminated at a point when his A-J was not able to beat Drover’s A-Q. The poker tournament ended for Visser in the next hand. Julius was at the top after a Q-2-K flop appeared.

Dibella’s Chip Stack Increased as the Game Progressed

Dibella’s Chip Stack continued to increase as the game progressed. He knocked Bernstein out of the event. Bernstein completed at the 7th place. Liu gained momentum after eliminating Anthony Gregg. The player made a 6th place finish. The final five tablers of PCA Main Event were determined within an hour of its start.

Over the next few hours, several players took the lead. Liu was the first to reach the top of the leaderboard. He was followed by Jaka and Julius. Dibella finally won the event and took home $1,750,000.


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