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PCA Super High Roller Championship won by Viktor Blom

Play Poker » PCA Super High Roller Championship won by Viktor Blom

January 11, 2012

The 3-day PCA Super High Roller Championship 2012 recorded over 32 participants this year. The field had some of the top professionals from the online poker industry. This year, the PCA Super High Roller event with a $100,000 buy-in and $1.2 million prize money was won by Viktor Blom.

Final Table Played by 8 Eminent Professionals

The final table consisted of 8 players. Among them, Humberto Brenes and Daniel Negreanu were present. They had also played at the final table of last year’s PCA Super High Roller tournament. Other players in the event were Scott Seiver, Dan Shak, Mike McDonald and the former world champion, Jonathan Duhamel. These players competed against the PCA Main Event winner, Galen Hall to lead the table. Right from the start of the final table action, the board was in favor of Blom.

Mike McDonald got Eliminated at 7th Place

McDonald placed the opening bet on Day 3. After this, Isildur1’s turn came in the big blind. The player three-bet to 126k. Soon after, McDonald put the remaining chips from his stack in the pot. Bloom made a call within a moment. The decision to call was rightly taken. With his A-J, Bloom was ahead of McDonald who had K-J. The flop came down to 9-K-6. This heated up the action. Mike was leading the table at this point. McDonald got back a double up after a four on the turn. However, an Ace on the river turned the hand in favor of Blom. Mike McDonald was eliminated at the 7th place by Blom.

Hall won Five Consecutive Hands

Hall continued to lead after winning three hands back to back. Negreanu made a three-bet and Seiver raised the bet. The pot was raised to 218K by Galen after this. Scott put his entire chip stack in the pot. A call was made by Hall, after which he was in the lead. His pocket Kings were more powerful than the pocket Jacks of Seiver. The board consisting was not of any help to Jack. Scott Seiver was eliminated at the 6th place. He made no money.

Viktor Entered PCA Super High Roller Championship after Final Hand

Within less than an hour of the tourney starting, five players to receive a payday of $250,000 and above proceeded in the game. All players placed aggressive bets to race up the leaderboard. In the final hand, Shak made a raise to 155K. It was called by Blom. He put up 180K after which the action was led by Shak with an all-in. Blom’s action moved him up the leaderboard fast. The tournament ended with Blom winning the PCA Super High Roller title.


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