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American Gaming Association Pushing for Online Poker

Play Poker » American Gaming Association Pushing for Online Poker

January 7, 2012

In a recent statement, the top lobbying group for online poker in the US, American Gambling Association (AGA), stated that it will continue to battle for a federal bill to be passed in the US. The president and CEO of AGA, Frank Fahrenkopf revealed his plans for 2012.

AGA will continue to Look After the Online Poker Industry

AGA is a Washington DC-based lobbying group comprising of influential members in the world of online poker. AGA stated that it will continue to make its presence felt in the online poker industry just as it has till now. The body will make sure that gaming operators are not subject to unfair taxation and regulations.

Last month, Nevada adopted a set of regulations for online poker. The state has all the infrastructure required to start offering online poker. Nevada aims at becoming the first state to regulate poker. Seven applications for licenses have already been submitted to the state. A Nevada based casino gambling firm called South Point Casino stated that the company wants to be the first in the newly regulated state to offer real money poker.

AGA Favors Federal Bill for Online Poker

AGA supports a federal online poker bill as opposed to a state-wise regulation. The lobbying group supports the measure which gives authority to individual states to regulate and license online poker.

No Progress on Federal Poker Bill introduced by Rep. Joe Barton

Rep. Joe Barton introduced an online poker bill in 2011. No progress has been made on the proposal. It is still with the Congress. The hearing on the bill turned out to be a lengthy discussion. A hearing on tribal casinos also took place in November at Capitol Hill. The bill introduced by Barton was subjected to much scrutiny during the hearing. Heated discussions took place.

Fahrenkopf does not Favor Interpretation on DOJ’s Stand

The recent announcement made by the DOJ on Wire Act, mentioned that the act is not applicable on online poker. The entire online gambling world is delighted with the DOJ’s stand. However, Fahrenkopf is worried regarding what actions the body will take against offshore operated sites.

Fahrenkopf speculated that the DOJ’s announcement will result in the Congress taking immediate actions for regulating poker. Anthony Cabot, a Las Vegas based attorney, stated that the recent announcement made by the DOJ clearly indicates that a federal bill for online poker will be passed soon. In case the government wants a federal regime for internet poker to be established, it has to take fast action.


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