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Justice Department Opens Doors for Online Gambling in the US

Play Poker » Justice Department Opens Doors for Online Gambling in the US

December 29, 2011

A recent opinion from the Justice Department paved the way for allowing internet gambling in the US. Supporters of online gambling are of the view that legalization will result in the creation of new revenue sources. The latest opinion from the US Department of Justice (DOJ) reversed the policy which the government followed till recently.

DOJ Changed its Interpretation of the Wire Act

With its recent statement, the Justice Department reversed its position on internet gambling. The department previously stated that that any form of online gambling is illegal within the boundaries of the United States, under Wire Act 1961. It prohibits wagers from passing through communication channels across the boundaries of the US. However, according to a recent statement given by the DOJ, the Wire Act holds good solely for sports betting and not all forms of gambling activities in poker rooms and casinos. According to experts in the field, the recent development marks a victory for the proponents of online gambling.

DOJ’s Opinion was made Public after Nevada Adopted Internet Poker Regulations

The opinion of the Justice Department was made public after Nevada adopted its internet poker regulations. Poker sites can now operate within Nevada provided their offerings are limited to customers residing within the state.

New DOJ Decision allows Intrastate Poker

The new decision from the DOJ allows bets to be placed and taken within the boundaries of a particular state. No indication has been given by the Justice Department regarding inter-state gambling being allowed. According to experts, gambling between states will be allowed by the federal law in the near future.

According to Laura Sweeney, a spokesperson of the DOJ, the department will be able to investigate internet gambling activities under other laws apart from the Wire Act. Previously, the DOJ prohibited offshore sites from operating within the US through the Wire Act. Recently, the department brought allegations against certain poker rooms for illegal gambling and money laundering through other laws pertaining to internet gaming.

Justice Department will not Overlook Illegal Gambling Activities

A Justice Department official stated that the body will prosecute criminal networks. Quite a few prosecutions have already been undertaken by the Justice Department in the past.

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