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Quite a Few Women Poker Players made their Presence felt in 2011

Play Poker » Quite a Few Women Poker Players made their Presence felt in 2011

January 4, 2012

The year 2011 had been quite eventful in the world of online poker. Quite a few women poker professionals have made their presence felt during the course of the year. Most of them have landed significant wins and others have made bold moves at the felt that caught the attention of those in the poker circuit.

Ana Marquez Played Magnificently in the PokerStars Caribbean Stud

Ana Marquez, a Spanish poker pro made her presence felt through her magnificent performance in the PokerStars Caribbean Stud events. It had a total of 1580 participants. She finished at the 10th place in the main event and took home $155,000. After this, the player made quite a few victories in the WSOP and European Poker Tour preliminary events. Towards the end of the year, Ana had two more wins at the EPT London Main Event.

Amanda Musumeci Won Total 10 Cashes in 2011

Another player who made her mark in the tournament poker scene is Amanda Musumeci. Sponsored by Bodog Poker, the player won a total of 10 cashes in the year. Amanda finished at the 11th place in the World Poker Tour’s Hollywood Poker Open held in April. She walked away with a sum of $22,157. Amanda played exceptionally well at the World Series of Poker. She bagged 4 cashes in the event.

Amanda Musumeci’s performance in the Borgata Fall Poker Open had been notable. The first prize worth $30,925 was won by the player in the event. Although the amount she earned in the event is less than what she won in WSOP, the first place in Borgata Fall Poker Open brought Amanda to the front of the poker scene.

Cecilia Pescaglini Won $161,313 in WSOP 2011

Cecilia Pescaglini had not stepped out of Italy prior to 2011. The player debuted in the online poker tournament in 2011. She started the year with a small win at the Italian Poker Tour. She earned around $52,178 through the win. It paved the way for her to enter the World Poker Tour (WPT) Malta. Significant victories were achieved by Cecilia in WPT during September. In WSOP Championship, November, the player won a total of $161,313.

Apart from these wins, Cecilia Pescaglini also made 2 final table finishes at EPT preliminary events.


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