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TopPokerSites.com Expects Player Protection to be a Priority in 2012

Play Poker ยป TopPokerSites.com Expects Player Protection to be a Priority in 2012

In a recent interview, TopPokerSites.com spokesperson said that this year online poker industry will give priority of player protection. Significant changes are expected in this area over the coming few months. Steps have been taken by a number of countries to create a transparent and safe online poker environment. Some nations are even taking legislative measures towards this end. These regulations and laws primarily establish guidelines for online poker room operation. Agencies dedicated to the protection of players are coming up with systems for ensuring financial safety.

As far as the legal issues are concerned, some concrete outcomes are expected this year. In the US, the ban on online poker is being reassessed. The Wire Act of 1961, a law passed decades ago, forms the basis for the ban. However, whether or not online poker comes under the scope of this law is unclear. Last year in December the Department of Justice stated that the Act does not explicitly prohibit poker. Currently the legality of online poker in the US is a question mark. But many sites continue to accept players based in the US.

The ban prohibits operators from offering services in the US, but it does not forbid players from participating. While some major online poker rooms were forced to shut down, no action has been taken on even a single US citizen for playing online poker. As long as quality poker sites continue to accept people from the US, players continue to participate.

Online poker legislation varies from one nation to another. Even within the European Union, laws differ from one region to another. Although regulated, online poker is legal in a majority of European countries. In 2012, European nations are expected to announce their online poker plans. The UK legislation has always supported online gaming. The laws here not just permit online poker, but encourage it.

Well known online poker authorities are also taking measures aimed at improving player protection. Kahnawake Gaming Commission recently made some alterations in its standards. The commission now offers self-exclusion option. This enables players with gambling issues to inform the commission and the sites regulated by it about their problems.

Some online poker rooms are joining hands with financial institutions to implement a system, which can offer superior financial security to players. The system allows the financial firm to monitor money available to poker sites and asses whether or not the funds are sufficient to repay players with real money accounts. Many more sites are expected to implement this system. The move indicates the reliability of operators and their dedication towards player protection.

According to TopPokerSites.com spokesperson, until now some countries tried to ban real money online poker with the aim of protecting citizens from issues associated with gambling. But with the huge strides taken by technology, it has become possible to ensure a high level of player protection through measures implemented at national as well as operator levels.

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