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Online Poker Ruling of DOJ Appreciated by PPA

Play Poker » Online Poker Ruling of DOJ Appreciated by PPA

December 31, 2011

Poker Players Alliance (PPA) is a non-profit organization supporting the cause of online poker legalization. It recently released a statement appreciating the stand taken by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) regarding internet poker in the US. The DOJ recently announced that the Wire Act, 1961 is not applicable to poker. The act holds good solely for sports betting. This clarification on the Wire Act had been given by the Fifth District Court in 2002. However, the DOJ failed to realize the applicability of the Wire Act until the recent announcement.

John Pappas, the chief executive of PPA, stated that there have been on-going debates in the industry regarding the Wire Act for years. The clarification made by the DOJ holds a lot of significance for poker enthusiasts across the country as it throws light on the possible legal status of the online game.

Clarifying the Wire Act is not Enough

John Pappas stated that it is not enough that the DOJ has made clarifications on the Wire Act, and that it should go a step further. Poker enthusiasts across the US await the regulation of online poker. It is high time that the Congress makes clarifications on the federal law and its stand on poker. This will not only be beneficial for players but for the nation as a whole.

A licensing regime should be established for online poker. This should be accompanied by a few laws which will set apart poker from the illegal forms of gambling in the US. If poker is regulated within the US, the player-base of sites will increase and so will the revenue.

Importance of Federal Regulation of Online Poker

John Pappas reiterated the importance of the regulation of poker on the federation level. According to him, state-wise regulation will limit the choices of players in terms of where they should play. PPA Chairman, Alfonse D’Amato, stated that the limitation of choices may lead to a fall in player-base. As a result, the revenue earned by sites will also fall.

Alfonse D’Amato also stated that in case state-wise regulation of online poker becomes a reality, every US state will adopt a distinct set of rules. This may discourage entrepreneurs from stepping into the US market.

Nevada – The First State to Adopt Internet Poker Regulations in the US

The state of Nevada announced recently that it has officially adopted internet poker regulations. Poker sites can now legally operate within the state provided their offerings are restricted to players within the boundaries of Nevada. The state has become the first to officially approve internet poker regulations in the US.

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