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Free Poker Money For US Players

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Poker rooms that have attractive offers of free poker money for U.S. players are considerably fewer that those open for U.K. patrons. However, you can still find quite a few well established online ‘U.S. players allowed’ poker rooms that have built a reputation for ethical practices and have excellent offers. In fact, a few of the biggest names in the online casino industry welcome U.S. players today. If you are a beginner to the world of online gaming, then you may be curious to know why all casinos aren’t open to U.S. gamers.


The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act or the UIGEA is part of the Safe Port Act of 2006. This U.S. legislation deemed online gambling as an unlawful and illegal activity. To sum up this piece of legislation: placing, receiving or transmitting a bet partially or fully using the internet is unlawful if the location where the wager is initiated has any such laws in force. Following the implementation of this legislation in 2010, several online casinos that catered to U.S. players were forced to shut shop, while others voluntarily pulled out of the country.

However, casino gaming is a very popular pastime here in the U.S. as in any other country and poker is one of the favorites for such gamers. In face of protests from various quarters against this legislation, the Act has been challenged and may even be repealed in near future if the relevant legislation does go through.

What you should know about UIGEA

As a poker fan interested in playing this exciting game online, what you need to know is that as of now, it is not illegal to play online poker in most states in the U.S. The UIGEA legislation made it illegal to transfer money to offshore gaming sites but not to play the game. There are millions of American citizens playing the game online everyday without breaking the law in any way. Several top rated sites based outside the U.S. offer this game to Americans within the purview of current law.

If you are an avid fan of the game, you can still enjoy playing it online and derive some great benefits by choosing top notch poker rooms offering free poker money for U.S. players.

Poker Rooms Offering Free Poker Money for U.S. Players

Fortunately, there are quite a reasonable number of poker rooms that have such offers open. There are different kinds of free poker money for U.S. players offers that poker rooms advertise. Learning more about them helps you pick the right kind of offer to maximize your bankroll with.

Instant Free No Deposit Poker Bonus

These offers come into force as soon as you register yourself for a poker account at a poker room that is open to U.S. players. The free poker money for U.S. players is credited into your real money account and you can use these funds to play games that pay out real cash. This is the simplest way to use your free poker money for U.S. players to earn some real money.

Earn Real Cash with Fun Money Chips

There are several poker sites that give away poker chips in several ways. You may earn these poker chips by playing above a certain limit at a game, by earning loyalty points, by playing new games that the site is trying to promote etc. Use these chips to enter poker tournaments giving out real cash prizes and you convert the chips into money.

No Deposit Free Poker Bankrolls

Not all free poker money for U.S. players offers originate from the poker rooms. Some of these offers are made by bankroll providers. These third party companies get paid by online poker rooms to publicize their games. The bankroll provider shares this payment with new registrants by offering free poker money for U.S. players who sign up for their bankroll here.

Free Poker Money For US Players

At the moment, the best option for US players is Bodog Poker in my honest opinion. Although they’re going to stop accepting the US players very soon and they’ve just opened a new poker room known as “Bovada Poker”. New players can get a massive 110% up to $1100 bonus when they play poker online for real money at Bodog Poker/Bovada Poker.

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