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Bet Victor Poker’s New Year Give-Away

Play Poker » Bet Victor Poker’s New Year Give-Away

January 22, 2012

Victor Chandler Poker recently re-named itself to Bet Victor Poker. Following this make-over, the poker room is offering its players the opportunity to win attractive merchandize for a limited time period. These goods feature the brand name the poker room was using previously – Victor Chandler Poker.

A range of freerolls is currently on offer. These have been named Great Merchandise Giveaways. Players have to take part in these freerolls to grab attractive merchandize.

Two Decks One Cup Freeroll run Everyday

A freeroll tournament, Two Decks One Cup is held daily by the site. It starts at around 9:45 pm. The freeroll will go on till the middle of February. To gain an entry into the tournament, players are required to have only 1 VIP point. The top three scorers of the tourney receive two decks of poker cards made of plastic. Along with cards, they are also provided with an exclusive coffee mug of VC Poker.

Home Game Freerolls run at 8:45 Daily on the Site

Another freeroll variety called the Home Game Freeroll also runs on the site. It is held at 8:45 pm every night. Players can enter the event with only 10 VIP points. Top finishers are offered a range of rewards. They receive a set of Victor Chandler poker chips, five casino dice and two sets of Victor Chandler playing cards.

Sterling Silver Freeroll – Everyday at 9:15

A tournament called the Sterling Silver Freeroll runs on the site daily at 9:15. It offers VC Poker card protectors made of silver to the winner. First and second runners-up are rewarded with a bronze card protector. The entry fee for the freeroll is 25 VIP Points.

Two Five Special Freeroll Held Every Alternate Sunday

A unique online poker real money tournament called the ‘Two Five Special’ is held by the site every alternate Sunday. The event starts at 8:30 pm. Players, who earned at least 100 VIP Points last month, can directly take part in the freeroll. Players, who don’t have the requisite number of VIP Points, can enter the tournament through feeders. These run on the site 24×7 and can be entered with a single VIP Point. Players can take part in the feeders till the tournament begins. Three seats per day are offered by the feeders.

In addition to freerolls, the poker room is also offering lucrative cash rewards to players who take part in the Daily Bankroll Builder Weekly League. It is held every Thursday and Sunday.

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