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$50 Deposit to Earn Entry to Free-Rolls at WPT Poker

Play Poker » $50 Deposit to Earn Entry to Free-Rolls at WPT Poker

January 25, 2012

WPT Poker is running a promotion through which players can access multi-table tournaments that don’t have a rake. This means that the money that players add to the pot will not contribute to the rake that the poker room will otherwise take. So, all the money that players add to the pot will go toward the prize pool. Players will not have to pay fees for any tournament they play at the poker site.

The offer will run throughout January 2012. Through this, players get the opportunity to play for more cash than they would otherwise. To enter the promotion, players will have to log in to the poker site. At WPT Poker, players can benefit from making a deposit of $50 or more. They will get a reload bonus and the opportunity to play in the free-roll tournaments hosted by the site.

100% Reload Bonus

The poker room is offering a 100% reload bonus which will allow players to top-up their account. The 100% Reload Bonus will give a maximum of $100. Players can earn the amount if they deposit $50. Sums above $50 will also earn $100 as bonus. With the bonus amount, players can make the most of the rake-free tournaments that the poker site is running. They can even try their hand at some of the cash poker games on the site. When players make a deposit, they are required to enter a bonus code featured on the poker site.

$50,000 Free-Roll

On transferring $50 to their online poker account, players will get to play for a prize pool of $50,000. This offer is part of the site’s exclusive free-roll for depositors. By entering a bonus code, members of the poker room will get to play in the free-roll as well as earn the reload bonus amount. They will also get the chance to play in a grand tournament that will be featured on the site on 5th February, 2012.

Players should use only one entry to play in the $50,000 free-roll. They cannot request a cash alternative to the free-roll. WPT Poker has placed a cap of 20,000 on the number of players who will be allowed to enter the event. The reload bonus amount will be released to players’ accounts in ten parts. The amount transferred will be based on the sum deposited by players when they enter the promotion.


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